important essay topics for CSS

Important essay topics for CSS Exam

80 Important essay topics for CSS Exam & Articles CSS 2021

The following blog is about 80 most important essay topics for CSS exam that can appear in your upcoming exam.

1. China’s Economic Revolution & World Power Politics

China, our closest neighbor and a longtime strategically, is fast emerging as a world
power. Where forty years ago there was famine, stagnation, poverty, and backwardness
and today it is the second-largest economy of the world today. The strongest possibility
2. How Modi is being used in Superpower Politics?
The fanatical Indian Prime Minister Modi is reluctant to remember the mistake made by
his country in the 1962 Sino-Indian war. Modi is about to repeat the mistakes made by
the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru on China’s strategy, as he relied heavily on the
advice … Continue Reading

3. Why Pakistan’s Banking Services Considered Among the Worst Systems?

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, the Governor of the State Bank and other senior
government officials often state that the use of cash in the economy is very high. Like
previous governments, this government has the first desire to document the economy as
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4. Negligence to Allied Health Workers Lead to the Worsening of our Health Care System

The health sector has been neglected in the country for years. All governments have
made claims of progress in this area, but the Corona epidemic has exposed all these
claims. With each passing day, the health sector is getting worse and worse, due

5. Secularism, Minority Rights & Rise of Indian Fascism

For a thousand years, the Muslims ruled the subcontinent and they fully protected the
rights of minorities and ensured the protection of their places of worship. India’s history is
replete with such shining examples that Muslim rulers rebuilt Hindu temples and other
religious …

6. China-Iran Strategic Agreement & its impact on the Changing Geopolitical Alliances

A few days ago today, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif indicated that a 25-year
partnership agreement with China has finalized. Coincidentally, eighteen pages of
the final copy of the agreement were immediately released to the media. If these pages
are real, then this.

7. How Media House Owners are Exploiting Small Workers?

In recent times, the media is going through a strange situation in which workers are being
exploited by their employers. Sometimes the salaries are paid late, sometimes the
salaries are kept down for 2-3 months, sometimes the salaries are cut, sometimes the
workers are.

8. Shocking Details of Perks & Privileges That Army Officers Enjoy

Investigations into the legal and illegal assets, corruption and black money of politicians
in Pakistan have been going on in every era. But this is the first time in recent times that
the assets of a sitting judge and then a retired army officer have been the subject of much
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9. Tiktok is an Epicenter of Obscenity, Nudity & Cyber-Crime Activities

There was a time when public access in Pakistan was limited to PTV broadcasts and
newspapers. With the rise of media freedom and technology, the number of channels has
increased. There are some reservations on these channels but after a little noise, PEMRA

10. Finally! Government Approved a bill Against Domestic Child Labor.

Child labor is a bitter truth of our society. Many innocent little children become the victim
of it. Now it’s become a part of Pakistani culture. There is no recent study conducted on
child domestic workers in Pakistan due to which we cannot estimate the exact number of

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