How to Tackle IDIOMS

How to Tackle IDIOMS || English Grammar Tips and Tricks

How to Tackle IDIOMS || English Grammar Tips

In English Precise Composition, Idioms are one of the most challenging thing to do. In this article we will discuss “How To Tackle Idioms In CSS PMS”.

Assalam-u-Alaikum Dear Aspirants!

This very post of mine is related to the preparation of idioms for different General as well as Competitive Exams.

Aspirants have generally been instructed to cram idioms from different sources. On the other hand, some are advised to go through the idioms from the past papers.
Well, the former is not quite applicable. Whereas, the latter does not guarantee you any safe passage either.

My approach towards tackling idioms has always been quite contrary to the aforementioned techniques.

Let us first discuss the nature of idioms in general and then unfold the techniques of handling them.

Well, idioms have always been quite synonymous to read-between-the-lines kind of approach.

Most of the idioms have been of the nature that can help you guess their meanings quite easily.

You need no cram the idioms at all.
I can still recall the time when our teacher at ** CSS Academy had asked us to buy a book for idioms written by a foreign author, McMordie.

My friends went on to buy that book and started cramming the idioms from that.
Eventually, when we happened to sit in the examination, it was revealed upon us that not even a single idiom had come from Mcmordie’s book.
I decided to guess the meanings of the idioms as per my strategy which worked quite effectively.
Let us dissect some idioms and learn how build your strong perception.

1. On the thin ice

on = position
thin = fragile
ice = melting which indicates vulnerability
Therefore, one can infer that the idiom would mean to be in some fragile/vulnerable conditions.

2. To walk with God

walk with = agree with someone/something
God = virtue
therefore, one can easily judge that it would mean following God’s teachings or being virtuous

All you need to do is to get hold of some idioms book.
Practice some 100 idioms.
Read the idiom first.
Underline the keywords.
Infer some meaning as per your perception.
Look up the meanings in the book.
You will notice that your guessing ability will start developing more and more and you will be able to judge the meanings quite correctly.
This is how one had better handle Idioms.


Ainuddin Kibzai

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