Impact of Islam On Western Civilization.

Impact of Islam On Western Civilization.

Impact of Islam On Western Civilization.

This Article is about how muslims influenced wetsern socities. This will highlight the impact of islam on western civilization.

Major Muslim Contributors 

⮚ The list of the protagonists of this intellectual and scientific adventure  of creation of knowledge and its spread westward include:


⮚ Mathematician and astronomer, born around 783 near the Aral  Sea in modern-day Uzbekistan. He was affiliated with the House  of Wisdom, and his star tables and works on arithmetic, algebra,  the astrolabe, and the Hindu-Arabic numerals profoundly  influenced the West.


⮚ Abbasid caliph from 813 to 833. He took a direct interest in  science and philosophy and actively promoted scholars at the  House of Wisdom and elsewhere.

Ibn Sina (Avicenna):  

⮚ 11th-century polymath and leading Muslim philosopher and  medical scholar. His influence on Western culture lasted for  centuries, in various fields, from philosophy to medicine.

Ibn Rushd (Averroes): 

⮚ The famous Andalusian philosopher Abu ‘l-Walid Muhammed Ibn  Ahmad Ibn Rushd. He flourished in Cordoba and Marrakech in the  12th century. He exerted an enormous influence on Christian and  Jewish thought, primarily as a commentator on Aristotle, and also as  an original author in philosophy, logic, astronomy and medicine.

Al-Idrisi (Dreses):  

⮚ North African geographer and scientific director of King Roger II of  Sicily’s World Map project, completed in 1154.

Adelard of Bath:  

⮚ Pioneering explorer of the Islamic learning, who brought the wonders  of geometry, astronomy and other fields to the medieval West.

Frederick II:  

⮚ The Holy Roman Emperor and enthusiastic proponent of Arabic  culture. He was patron of Michael Scot and underwrote translations  of Ibn Rushd’s commentaries on the Aristotelian corpus.



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