CSS preparation: How To Start Preparation

CSS preparation: How To Start Preparation

How to Start CSS preparation. Guidance for Begginers

Many aspirants asked and worried about CSS preparation. They are always confused about how to start CSS Preparation. Some Students ask about, How to start CSS preparation at home.


Read CSS Syllabus:

     In order to start CSS preparation the first thing that an aspirant needs is to download and read the whole syllabus of CSS. After reading the syllabus, try to find relevant data on the internet and print it. CSS Syllabus PDF File link is given below to download.


Optional Subjects Selection:

One of the most important part of the CSS exam is the selection of your optional subjects. Many academies will misguide you about scoring subjects. Scoring subjects is just a myth for CSS preparation. Always choose those subjects which you have mastered or it seems attractive to your eyes. If you find any subject boring never go for it as it will burdenize you, and will affect your preparation.

Overlapping subjects:

Always choose those subjects that overlap with your opted optional subjects and with compulsory subjects. This will reduce the time period for your preparation. This strategy for CSS preparation is one of the most effective strategies for many aspirants.

Books For CSS: 

     One of the biggest myths about CSS is that you should read many books. There are different students who don’t have any habit of reading lots of books. For such students, they need to find research articles and read them properly.
In order to get some guidance that what you have to study, a student can buy CSS Books by JWT, Advance, or Caravan Publishers Books. These Books are not enough for CSS preparation but they will guide you, how and what to prepare.

When it comes to books, the only books that you need every time,  are the books of English grammar. Prepare and improve your grammar every day. Grammar is not just a work of month or day but you have to prepare it daily with other subjects. Wren & Martin and Micheal Swan’s books for English grammar are the most helpful books.

News Papers Readings:

Another important myth about CSS is that without  Newspaper reading a person cant qualify. This is not the reality. Many CSPs are present who have qualified without wasting hours in newspapers during their CSS preparation.
Reading Newspapers is good only when you cover your Compulsory and Optional Subjects.


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