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Best CSS Optional Subjects. Selection & Tips

In this blog, we will discuss the Best CSS optional Subjects and their selection strategy. We will explore all CSS optional subjects lists. When it comes to CSS optional subjects, many students ask for the best combination that can help the aspirants in the CSS exam. This blog “Best CSS Optional Subjects. Selection & Tips” will give you some useful tips to score high in your CSS exam.
Attention CSS_2022 Aspirants
TIPS FOR Optional Subject Selection which will assist you to opt for suitable subjects. Firstly, there are two types of students:
1. Crammers
2.Conceptual learners
Assess yourself than plan in accordance with that I’ll post w.r.t groups. There are 7 groups & 45 subjects. If you can’t decide what to choose, choose those subjects that overlap with your compulsory subjects as it will reduce your time effort.

Let’s have a look at CSS optional Subjects Groups.

                        CSS  OPTIONAL SUBJECTS (600 MARKS) 

Revised Scheme and Syllabus for CSS Competitive Examination

(To select one subject of (200 marks) only)

Code No.SubjectMarks
11.Accountancy & Auditing200
13.Computer Science200
14.Political Science200
15.International Relations200

Group-II: (To select the subject(s) of 200 marks only)

Code No.SubjectMarks
18.Applied Mathematics100
19.Pure Mathematics100


Group-III: (To select one subject of 100 marks only)

Code No.SubjectMarks
22.Business Administration100
23.Public Administration100
24.Governance & Public Policies100
25.Town Planning & Urban Management100

Group-IV: (To select one subject of 100 marks only)

Code No.SubjectMarks
26.History of Pakistan & India100
27.Islamic History & Culture100
28.British History100
29.European History100
30.History of USA100

Group-V: (To select one subject of 100 marks only)

Code No.SubjectMarks
31.Gender Studies100
32.Environmental Sciences100
33.Agriculture & Forestry100
36.English Literature100
37.Urdu Literature100

Group-VI: (To select one subject of 100 marks only)

Code No.SubjectMarks
39.Constitutional Law100
40.International Law100
41.Muslim Law & Jurisprudence100
42.Mercantile Law100


Group-VII: (To select one subject of 100 marks only)

Code No.SubjectMarks
45.Journalism & Mass Communication100

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Group 1

Group1: To opt for one subject of 200 marks..
1) Accounting & Auditing: Should have Strong background. Also, those who possess professional accounting degrees ACCA, CA, ICMA, etc should opt. It’s high scoring up to 90%. My friend scored 192/200.. last ten, yes high scoring but 2011 paper was bad scoring. till now high scoring. Again those who want to opt, please check 2011 paper.
2) Economics: Must have strong background. should not be opted on BSc basis. even M.Phil, Ph.D. don’t score up to a high level. Scores up to 110-125
3) Computer Science: Strong background needed..MCs, BS 4 years can opt..lengthy syllabus. time-consuming subject 120-130 scoring. 1-year diploma holder/ courses should not opt.

4) Political Science:

CSS political science subject is a general subject. Also good for crammers. Especially Can be done without a background. overlaps 100% with constitutional law but constitutional law is low scoring below average. average 120-125 scoring

5) International Relations:

Particularly without a background can be done.. overlaps with International Law, Pak Affairs, Current Affairs, US History, USA history 30-40%, overlap International law 60-65% overlap
the advantage is that fulfills knowledge deficiency, gives essay material. It is not much scoring 120-125.

Group 2:

To select one subject of 200 marks or select 2 subjects.

1) Physics:

MSc physics required. This subject is a time-consuming subject. Its course can be completed in 2 or 3 weeks. It is a numerical-based subject. It’s a 100% risky subject either you will score full marks out of 20 marks (for a question) or zero, no middle way. If Anyone wants to opt he /she should attempt past papers at least 10 years. The syllabus is of graduation level but the paper is of masters level.

2) Chemistry:

MSc chemistry required. But good in some ways.
3)Applied Mathematics/ Pure Mathematics: Masters required… Either you will get full marks against each question or zero. No midway
4) Statistics: The same case, minimum masters required. It is not high scoring.
5) Geology: Previously, it was 200 now 100 but the syllabus is still the same Lengthy syllabus, not much high scoring.

Group 3:

To select one subject of 100 marks
1) Business Administration: MBA finance should opt
2) Public Administration: It’s for all. Especially, it’s suitable for conceptual learners… 60% scoring subject
3) Governance & Public policy: Common with Public Administration.. It’s suitable for conceptual learners.
4) Town Planning & Urban Management: can be done but Syllabus extensive.. best for civil engineers.

Group 4:

To select one subject of 100 marks
1) History of India & Pakistan: Lengthy syllabus… Low Scoring 100-110 when it was of 200… now syllabus is more extensive w.r.t 1947-1999… overlaps Pakistan Affairs… low scoring 110-120 when out of 200 now 50-55
2) Islamic history & Culture: now syllabus is more lengthy Pre-Islamic till present.. time required 1 month… scoring better than IndoPak History.. overlaps with Islamiyat
3) British History: Syllabus same as of 200 (previously).. period wise short history but area is more extensive… it starts from zero.. 35-40 days required.. better scoring than Indo-Pak History but less than Islamic history
4) European History: too much extensive
5) History of USA: 1400 to present. High scoring in 80’s time 10-14 days. papers to be checked by US Embassy.. they encourage so that more people will know about their history

Group- 5:

To select one subject of 100 marks

1) Gender Studies:

Easy subject can be done without background. the advantage is that it gives Essay material (Women relevant) + One question in Islamiat is related to it + Overlaps with Sociology

2) Environmental Science:

Background of Biology needed. BSc background (Botany, Zoology, Chemistry)… Syllabus extensive
Overlaps with General Science & Ability 10-15%

3) Agriculture & Forestry:

Background needed. High-scoring subject. In 80’s when separate…Previously both were of 100 marks each..now both are combine Part-1) Agriculture 50 marks. Part-2) Forestry 50 marks. 15-18 days needed, If scientific naming comes then creates a problem

4) Botany:

MSC background needed. Syllabus same as it was when of 200 marks.. better scoring 140 when out of 200… now 70-75 marks. time-consuming.
If MSC 18-20 days needed for preparation.

5) Zoology:

Syllabus same as it was previously 200 marks. Evergreen Low Scoring. At least a person should have a BSc degree in zoology. 2020 3rd position holder opted zoology and scored very well.

6) English Literature:

Evergreen low Scoring…P.U Criteria… M.A English don’t opt.. checkers are from P.U

7) Urdu Literature:

anybody can opt but should have these qualities
1) Clear writing with Speed
2) Strong Urdu Vocabulary
3) Poetry Interest
If present, then scoring up to 70 marks. Moreover, 50% Syllabus is about History, 50% about present literature…


To select one subject of 100 marks
1) Law: Syllabus same of 200, only LLB should opt.. 130- 135 scoring. now maybe 60%
2) Constitutional Law: Good for crammers. Also low scoring
3) International Law: Conceptual Subject. Hence be done without a background. high scoring and overlaps slightly with IR
4) Muslim law and Jurisprudence: Every day relevant + easy + overlaps Islamiat.. low scoring… IIUI checkers.. less syllabus.. 2013 very bad result.. basic Islamic laws. Small mistake with greater punishment
5) Mercantile Law: Also background needed. 2004-5 very bad results. cases high scoring. if not then low scoring
6) Criminology: Combination with psychology, lengthy syllabus, anybody can opt,
7) Philosophy: overlaps political science,
130-135, 140 scorings when of 200,
min. 2 months required, broadens the spectrum of mind


1) Journalism and Mass Communication: Syllabus increased.. can be done without background.. assists in media relevant essay.. 65 – 70% scoring
2) Psychology: high scoring.. without background can be done.
syllabus increased.. marks decreased.. earlier of 200.. scoring 80%
3) Geography: Lengthy syllabus now.. medium scoring when of 200. Regional geography portion excluded now..
2010 bad result
4) Anthropology: Mixture, newly included.  Again M.Sc syllabus given
5) Sociology: Conceptual.. theories.. can be done without a background. Badly beats after every 3-4 years. Also overlaps with gender studies. gives essay material.. (1 social-related topic essay)


6) Punjabi: Again opt if mother tongue. 20 marks full. Additionally English to Punjabi translation
7) Sindhi: Good scoring.. mother tongue.. native level should opt
8) Balochi and Pashto: Same as of other languages above
9) Persian: good command required… interest is needed
10) Arabic: good scoring.. legible writing and speed required.. Error-free

Some Useful Tips For CSS Aspirants

Furthermore, 20- 30 candidates secured top positions because of languages. I would like to request some things: “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”.

Firstly there is no shortcut to success. The road to success is defined by three things: determination, self-belief, and hard work, there is no easy way around it. In conclusion, the right way is the hard way. please don’t waste ur precious time relying on friends. Ready-Made Notes. Social Media, etc. Simply pick the topics and prepare them. self -reliance should be the first and foremost principle and above all writing practice, power of expression and art of presenting matters the most. Additionally writing practice should be the focal area.

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