Pakistan affairs book by ikram Rabbani Urdu pdf
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Pakistan affairs book by ikram Rabbani Urdu pdf

Pakistan affairs or Pakistan Studies book by Ikram Rabbani (Urdu) in pdf is available to download.

This book will help CSS PMS Aspirants in the Pakistan affairs paper.  This book is available to download in pdf in Urdu version free of cost.


Pakistan affairs book by Ikram Rabbani Urdu pdf contains the following topics.

  1.  The ideology of Pakistan —– definition and elucidation, historical aspects: Muslim rule in the Sub-continent, its downfall, and efforts for Renaissance. Movements for reforms — Shaikh  Ahmad  Sarhindi,  Shah  Waliullah, Sayyid  Ahmad  Shaheed, Aligarh, Deoband, Nadwah, and other educational institutions ——- Sindh Madrassah and Islamia College Peshawar. The ideology of Pakistan in the light of Speeches and statements of Allama Iqbal and Quaid i Azam Muhammad  Ali Jinnah.
  2. Land and people of   Pakistan ——- Geography, Society, Natural resources, Agriculture, Industry and education with reference to characteristics, trends and problems.
  3. Pakistan and Changing Regional Apparatus
  4.  Nuclear Program of Pakistan, its Safety and Security; International  Concerns
  5. Regional Economic Cooperation (SAARC, ECO, SCO) and the Role of Pakistan
  6. Civil-Military Relations in Pakistan
  7. Economic Challenges in Pakistan
  8. Non-Traditional Security Threats in Pakistan: Role of Non-State Actors
  9. Pakistan’s Role in the Region
  10. Palestine Issue
  11. Changing Security Dynamics for Pakistan: Challenges to National Security of Pakistan
  12. Political Evolution Since 1971
  13. Pakistan and US War on Terror
  14. Foreign Policy of Pakistan Post 9/11
  15. Evolution of Democratic System in Pakistan
  16.  Ethnic Issues and National Integration
  17. Hydro Politics; Water Issues in Domestic and Regional Context
  18. Pakistan’s National Interest
  19. Challenges to Sovereignty
  20. Pakistan’s Energy Problems and their Effects
  21. Pakistan’s Relations with Neighbors excluding India
  22. Pakistan and India Relations Since 1947
  23. Kashmir Issue……etc


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