Top 30 Essays For CSS/PMS By JWT
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Top 30 Essays For CSS/PMS By JWT

Top 30 Essays For CSS/PMS By JWT

This Book (By JWT) contains Top 30 Essays For CSS/PMS .
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This Book contains the following content with some CSS past papers and CSS solved past paper English essay.

Long Essay

The technique of Writing Essays

China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)


Good Governance

Provincial Autonomy or making more regions

War on Terrorism is Contributing towards developing maltreatment of Human Rights

Energy Crisis in Pakistan

D Water Crisis in Pakistan and Its Remedies

Population Explosion in Pakistan

Global Warming/Climate Change

Privatizing Higher Education-Generating Knowledge or Making More Money for the



Poverty, causes, impacts, and recommendations

Media in Pakistan/Media, The King Maker

Democracy in Pakistan

War on Terror/Terrorism

Socio-Economic Problems of Pakistan

Pakistan Rich in Natural Resources, however Poor in their Management or

Pakistan is a Rich Country where Poor People Live

Islam, the religion of harmony

Reforming the UNO

Balochistan, Problems and Suggestions.

International strategy of Pakistan

Difficulties Faced by Pakistan in 21st Century

Issues of the Muslim Ummah

The place where there is Pure

The New Great Game


 Insurgencies of the World

• American Revolution

• The French Revolution

• The Russian Revolution (1917)

• Iranian Revolution ( 1978-1979)

• Chinese Revolution (1949)

• Young Turk Revolution (1908-1909)

• Cuban Revolution (1953-1959)

Enlightened Moderation





• OlC

• EU

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□ PMS Past Papers

□ CSS Past Paper


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