PMS Exam syllabus and tips

PMS Exam Guidelines. PMS Syllabus, Eligibility.

Guidelines and Information about PMS:

1- What is PMS?

PMS Exam is a competitive examination conducted by different provinces through which candidates are selected. Almost all of them perform their duties as ASSISTANT COMMISSIONER & OTHER PROVINCIAL MANAGEMENT DUTIES.

2- Eligibility Criteria for PMS Exam

Age Limit for PMS :

  1. Just like CSS, PMS also has an age limit that ranges between 21 to 30.
    2. But, for Government employees with 4 years’ experience age limit is 35.
    3. For a special person Age limit is 40.


Bachelor’s degree (B.Sc or BS) is required in order to appear in PMS Exam.

3- Best Academy For CSS PMS Preparation

Many people asked which academy is good for preparation. Honestly speaking, I never joined any full-time academy. So, I’m not a Competent Authority to suggest. Nevertheless, I abhor full-time academy for all subjects. Academies are about commercialism filled with filth and disappointment in most of the cases. So, up to you what join and why.

PMS Syllabus For KPK Punjab Sindh & Balochistan.
The syllabus for each province’s PMS exam is different. You can download the syllabus on the PMS website of the respective province.
Download KPK PMS Syllabus, Punjab PMS Syllabus, Balochistan PMS Syllabus, Sindh PMS Syllabus.
Download KPK PMS Syllabus PDF
Punja PMS Syllabus
Download Balochistan PMS Syllabus PDF

PMS Written Part

PMS Written part consists of 1200 marks. They have further divided into PMS Compulsory subjects ( 6 subjects of 600 marks) and PMS optional Subjects. Optional subjects have different marks. Some of them have 200 marks while most of the subjects have 100 marks. A person needs to choose subjects of 600 marks to make it 1200.
600 Compulsory.
600 optional.

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English essays:

Competitive exams both CSS and PMS are all about English. Unfortunately, nothing troubles us more than English.
Techniques: Read diverse things. From books to the internet, Articles, Lectures. You have to have diverse opinions about all important topics. Try to practice essay writing before the exam. Get them checked by any teacher, friend, or family member.

So, an expert in the English language is enough to highlight your mistakes. S/he can be any person from family or friends. The point is an evaluation of your work. Do writing practice religiously.
Practice makes perfect.

Pakistan affairs:

Pak Affairs is a critical paper. If you don’t believe it, just look at the PMS 2019 Exam Pak affairs paper. Don’t guess about the pre or post-partition syllabus. Read it like a story from Muhammad Bin Qasim to till today. Believe me, anything can be asked. CSS and PMS are full of surprises….
At least two questions are taken from current issues. The rest of the paper is made from the history portion, almost. Yes, there is a 20 marks question of fill in the blanks.
Read facts and memorize them.

BadNews: In PMS-2019, after the English essay and GK, Pak Affairs was the third subject in which candidates failed badly. So, take it seriously. Try to get at least 40 marks to pass. Some brilliant among us can score above 70.
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Queries About PMS Urdu (Punjab PMS):

Urdu is a compulsory subject in PMS Exam (Punjab). One has to get 40 marks to pass the exam. If one prepares it well, its score can be above 70, yes. If you take it easy then it can be a disaster.
How should candidates prepare Urdu?

1) Memorize more than 50 verses of Urdu poetry
2) Try to learn methods of application and letter writing.
3) Read all corrections and Idioms. Memorize them.
4) Just go through all “famous” (Not all) gazals and poems of Iqbal, Ghalib, Mir, Dard (Important poets). Again just famous not all Dewans and collections.
5) There is no need to memorize Urdu or English essays. Essay writing is an art. Just learn the art of essay writing.
6) There are many candidates like me who face problems while reading and writing Urdu. Please read Urdu daily for few minutes and very soon you will feel at home.
Urdu is compulsory and one has to pass it. Don’t take it easy. Otherwise, above 700 marks are useless if we fail Urdu at 38.

Remember one thing. Structurally, PMS is more difficult than CSS as a candidate has to pass all subjects individually with a minimum of 40 passing marks in each.

PMS General Knowledge:

Again it is a tough field to play. It is a compulsory subject. For this paper, get past papers of PPSC published by Advance Publishers or another book of MCQs. Memorize MCQS as many as you can. Try to memorize on daily basis. Because suddenly near exams they can only be read but cannot be retained by memory. So, read them on daily basis. At 5 papers daily.

One must be concerned about this subject after looking at PMS Exam-2019 General Knowledge.

Fact: Unfortunately, one of my closest friends failed PMS-2019 with 39 GK marks, whereas he passed English and the rest of the subjects after scoring almost 700 marks. Only 1 mark proved fatal.

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