How to stay motivated for studies during competitive Exam (CSS PMS)

Tips and Tricks for  CSS/PMS aspirants to be motivated during their CE journey. Aspirant preparing to take the PMS_2021 or CSS 2022 CSS exam, chances are quite high that your CSS preparation would be in full swing by now. You must be feeling enthused about following your dreams and would be leaving no stone unturned in your efforts to make it till the interview. Your motivation level must indeed be high for you to have a lofty target to achieve. But are you sure that your energy and motivation will not drain somewhere along the way? Would the weight of all those books and expectations come crashing down on you before you take the exams? The CSS exam is one of the most challenging exams in the country. Roughly 50% of those applying to write the Exam do not appear for it. And an even lesser percentage of people make it as civil servants of our country.
Preparing for the CSS Exam seems like a colossal task. The syllabus to be covered is vast and diverse. A successful candidate is not just the one who is better prepared but also the one who is able to sustain his/her motivation levels throughout the process. Read on to get a few tips to be and remain motivated until you reach your ultimate goal.

Why do you want to take the CSS Exam?

Ask yourself, “Why do you want to be a civil servant?” The answer to this question should be motivation in itself. If you want to change the system; to serve your country and people. If you really feel you can use your talents and help steer your country towards development, just think that by clearing the civil services you get the opportunity to do just that. Having your goal firmly in place will motivate you to propel yourself further. Think about the benefits to yourself and to society.

Be your own motivator:

An unknown quote says, “Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.” This quote is right on the money. The goal is yours, so must be the efforts. Tell yourself, no one is going to study for you. To attain your goal you must buck up and back yourselves. Don’t wait for external stimuli. Stop procrastinating.
Break it down: If expectations wear you down, the best way to deal with it is to break it down. Have mini-targets and strive to achieve them. Not only does it make your work less scary, it also makes it look more achievable.

Do what you enjoy:

Why do most of us love watching movies? It is because we enjoy them. Remember, it can even be a torturous process to endure a bad movie. The same thing goes with studying. If we enjoy studying, it becomes less work and more something to be enjoyed. Choose subjects that you are genuinely interested in. Generate interest in topics that you know nothing about. Be curious to learn. Treat studies as an opportunity to learn and not as a chore. Curiosity can be a great motivator to keep you going.

Boredom kills your motivation:

Understand what topics bore you and try learning those parts by a different method. Be creative while dealing with these topics. Instead of books, try watching videos. Try teaching these subjects to an audience. Remember you will encounter topics that bore you as the CSS syllabus is vast. But you can get through them by these innovative methods. Don’t let uninteresting topics lower your motivation for the CSS exams.
Tell yourself your strengths: Many times during the course of your CSS preparation, you will feel that you are not up to it. The CSS exam study can take 7-8 Months, and it is natural to feel a little low at times. At these times, remind yourself of your strengths. If you are good in Current Affairs but week in History, tell yourself – ‘I am good in Current Affairs. I can deal with History too.’

Record your progress:

Regularly record your progress. If you are feeling down and out, go through this chart. You will feel good about what you have achieved and get that boost required to move on.

Have a break!: It is not human to go on without breaks. A good break can refresh your body and mind. A change of scene can also give you a fresh perspective.

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