How To Write Effective Essay In CSS PMS
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How To Write Effective Essay In CSS PMS

How To Write Effective Essay In CSS PMS

Mature writing expression: what the examiner expects from you. What does it mean to write an effective essay in CSS PMS?
When I was aspiring for CSS, everyone used to tell me that you need to have a mature writing expression but no one told me what it really was unless I figured it out for myself. It is a subjective experience and you have every right to agree or disagree with it.
Following are the contents that a mature piece of writing must-have.


1- Simplicity is beauty. You don’t have to strive for very complex sentence structure nor you have to add up a very unique and alien dictionary to make your write-up beautiful. Simplicity is the answer. Keep it smooth and understandable. Examiner shouldn’t be bothered to check with a dictionary at almost every page to find out meanings of the certain word(s).

Avoid Repetition.

2- Have you ever wondered how Paulo Coelho and Karen Armstrong’s writing style seems so interactive? Why do we want to read it more and more? Apart from being unique, one of the many reasons is that they avoid the repetition of words and ideas. To make your style lucrative for the reader, better follow this tip.

Flow and Linkage

3- Flow and Linkage are of utmost importance. When you are writing keep in mind that the material must seem in contact with each other. There must be link within ideas in a paragraph and a connection between different paragraphs as well. This will create a balance in your writings.

No Spelling or Grammatical errors

4-  Once you are done writing(at your home) put it away and after studying another subject, re-read that written piece of work. You will have an idea about your grammatical and spelling errors. These, if ample in a single question, are considered as a blunder that is lethal for your mark expectations.
I hope it helps.

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