How reading helps you in CSS/PMS

How reading helps you in CSS/PMS

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How reading helps you in CSS/PMS

You will find that everyone will ask you to read as reading helps you in CSS/PMS. I always tell my students that the only difference between my first 2 attempts of CSS(which I couldn’t qualify) and the third one(which I passed) was Reading.
General reading(not syllabus-based books) in English is very very fruitful for a lot of reasons.
Let me explain

Learning and Remembering

1- When you are reading, new words start to sink-in in your mind. Initially, you may face difficulty in reading but believe me it is worth it. Never lose hope or interest. These words are going in your subconscious brain and will soon start coming out when you write something.

Expression of Ideas

2- You will learn the expression of writers. And this too happens without you even noticing it. It is in human instinct that you learn things without intentionally striving for such learning. English authors have a beautiful way of writing, they avoid repetition of ideas and they know how to express 2 same things in extremely different ways.

Art Of Writing

3- This learning also includes the art of writing.
-How to introduce an idea
-how to compare two ideas
-how to analyse and critically evaluate a piece of writing
-how to conclude an argument.
Above all, keep in mind that this improvement is imminent without you actively working for it. It is natural for your brain to learn all these things and sooner or later you will start imitation of those words, ideas, expression, vocabulary etc.
Keep reading
Keep learning


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