The Making Of Pakistan By K.K Aziz

The Making Of Pakistan By K.K Aziz

The Making Of Pakistan By K.K Aziz

This Book (The making of Pakistan) is written by a well-known author, K.K Aziz. This book cover majority of the history of pakistan. All the struggles that Pakistan faced during its making have been described.

Brief Introduction:

This book manages Muslim patriotism in Imperial India in its four angles. The primary stage in the development of patriotism is the development of a gathering into a country. This is fundamentally a verifiable turn of events and happens on the time-level.
Sections1, 2, and 3 depict how the Indian Muslims came to view themselves as a different public group,· how this influenced ‘Indian’ patriotism and how it was fulfilled by the foundation of an· autonomous Muslim state. In a nutshell, they manage the Muslim patriot development in its verifiable furthermore, political perspectives. The subsequent stage (which, as far as time, may once in a while harmonize with the principal stage) shows up at the point when the public gathering starts to articulate the standards and goals on which it asserts a different presence.

Chapters 4 and 5

The country legitimizes its nationhood on the philosophical plane. This may take two shapes: religion and culture. These two contentions are the topic of Chapters 4 and 5, which bargain, individually, with the strict component and the social foundation of Muslim patriotism.

Chapter 6

Furthermore, last angle picked for the study is the mental factor in patriotism. How the Indian Muslims invested wholeheartedly in being one country, how they imagined images to speak to their patriotism and made legends to mirror their goals, how-they convinced themselves of their own fortitude: this is the subject of Chapter 6.

Part 7

Part 7 looks at the two-country hypothesis on which the production of Pakistan was professedly based. The Introduction depicts the subject of the book and characterizes its terms of reference.

Content of The Making of Pakistan By KK Aziz

The Historical Factor: I
The Historical Factor: II
The Political Factor
The Religious Factor
The Cultural Factor
The Psychological Factor
The Two-Nation Theory

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