Criminology MCQs From CSS Past Papers PDF

Criminology MCQs From CSS Past Papers PDF

CSS Past Papers Mcqs Of criminology asked in CE exam available in pdf. Download All CSS Criminology Past Paper Mcqs.

The Youth Risk Behavior Study is an example of which type of crime measurement method?

A: Official crime data
B: Self-report data
C: Interview data
D: Victimization survey

When defendants enter a plea of guilty but maintain their innocence, this plea is referred to as

A: Nolo prosequi
B: Nolo contendere
C: Nolo prohibita
D: Nolo mala

Which of the following findings is true based on 2008 NCVS data?

A: Knives are the weapon of choice in most violent crimes.
B: Adults over 35 have the highest victimization rates.
C: Most violent crimes occur at night.
D: Violent crimes are equally likely to be committed by persons known to the victim as they are to be committed by strangers.
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Over the last decade, crime rates in the United States have

A: Steadily increased
B: Steadily decreased
C: Remained stable
D: Increased in severity


A crime is usually considered cleared when

A: The police arrest a suspect.
B: A suspect confesses to a crime.
C: The defendant is found guilty in court.
D: The defendant is sentenced. severity


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