CSS English Essay 2020 Solved Past Paper

CSS English Essay 2020 Solved Past paper

CSS English Essay 2020 Solved Past paper

CSS English Essay 2020 Solved Past Paper. To download Complete Essays Link is Given At the Bottom.

  1. Do we really need literature in our lives?
  2. Women universities as agents of change.
  3. Pakistan and the future of Kashmir cause.
  4. Polarized politics: the issues and challenges of democracy in Pakistan.
  5. Global power dynamics and Pakistan’s foreign policy.
  6. Pakistan’s informal economy: the way forward.
  7. Promoting tourism in Pakistan: opportunities and challenges.
  8. I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.
  9. Is Pakistan ready for digital revolution?
  10. IMF bailouts: roads to stability or recipes for disaster.

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          Do we really need literature in our lives?




Each and every single individual needs an identity on this earth. This identity as per the concerned geography for the concerned populations, anywhere on the earth, triggers mind that they have specific rights and responsibilities. Which ideally needs the individuals to add their share first to their domestic sphere and then on the international level, if possible. Where it is also the duty of the concerned beau-rues and states to provided people their concerned safe rights.


Naturally it is an upheld concept, also maintained by all the religions especially by Islam that the people related to different castes, customs and cultures are mentioned by literature so that they must be known by such identities. This also ecompasses the level of their talent and its importance as per their facile lives and contributions in terms of their rights and duties respectively. All based on their manifestation straightly linked with the importance of their specific literature, either dominant or submissive. Where literature obviously means the importance of a specific faction of people because of this literature either at national (domestic) or at international level.


Pin-Pointing The Need Of Literature In Our Lives.


Literature gives a paint to human tradition in the form of prose and poetry. We need literature in our lives because of the following needs of us;


2.1- Literature advertises us on both the national and international forum and gives us a specific identity.


2.2- Literature is a source which carries onward our old traditions , current customs and gives us a hope for the future prospects, which gives an essence to our identity.


2.3- Literature seeks our share in its promotion which upholds a bond of integrity between our rights and our responsibilities, hence literature keeps us in pure domain of character, saturatedly.


2.4- Literature is how do we maintain our lives by being sincere with the essence of our literature, which can a portrays us as ideal beings and can expose us upon other literature and can manifest us as prosperous individuals among other nations.


2.5- Literature purifies our morals, values and ethics, which can make us an ideal nation enriching truly our lives by being sincere with our such ideals, been exposed by our literature.


2.6- Literature is the core representative of the potential of a nation on both the national level and international level. Literature gives a route to the morale of a nation in such a way as they need to represent themselves on both the national level and international level with their capacities and the acquired skills.



The Hallmarks of Literature In Our Lives


Literature has a major role in the exposition of a group of a nation on the earth because of the following milestones of literature in this domain.


3.1. Literature whether it is prose, poetry or journalism portrays the mentality of a nation. Where literature gives a rhythm to the comparison of the mentality of that nation as compared to other nation. Hence if improvements are needed then they are adopted, And if debilities are there then they are removed. So a good trend is acquired of a good mentality in a nation because of literature.


3.2- Because of literature love with the traditions plus customs of an area is maintained by its nation. Nations maintain and develop a constant passion with its customs and traditions because of the prose and poetry of its literature. So the intended bond of sustainability is found there because of literature.


3.3- Some foreign nations give a preference to one literature over the other. Where such a preferred domestic literature becomes obvious and famous among other countries, portraying a certain nation. Where the famous customs and traditions of a domestic literature are adopted by foreign nations because of the minorities for instance in a foreign country.


3.4- A successful literature portrays the successful state systems of a nation. If the state systems are that much successful, then it finds a boosted route of success because of the adoption of its systems by other nations. For instance Islamic literature is the most dominant literature over others in the world, as this literature is the most consonant literature with nature as compared to others.


3.5- People adhering a certain prose and poetry of a literature always remain sincere, trustworthy, and just with their literature. Where there we find the least possible duplicity as per the standard of their optimism is concerned. So it is literature which keeps the morale of a nation high on a straight path of realism and rulism leading to success.



Hurdles In The Promotion Of Literature In Our Lives.


4.1- Lack of enough talent in the form of poets and prose writers. Which cause the lack of further promotion of literature.


4.2- Lack of enough seminars, get-together of poets, and prose writers conventions. Which make the literature fall-short of passionate standard , and that affects the identity of a nation.


4.3- Lack of talented staff at the institutes of literature faculties. Which can not help out the aspirants to promote a quality literature, bacause of the lack of acquirement of the new skills of versatility at such faculties.


4.4- lack of public interests in attending the existing seminars, get-togethers of poets, and prose writers conventions. Which make the literature get sluggish, where the literature gets derailed.


4.5- Lack of the interest of media in the promotion of literature. Which is a genuine need of the pro-literature public.



Combating The Existing Hurdles In The Promotion Of Literature In Our Lives.


5.1- Encouraging the anew poets and prose writers through the campaigns of literature.

Here the print and electronic media can show its quality guts, along with holding seminars in this regard, get-together of poets and prose writers conventions.


5.2- Hiring qualified professionals for literature at literature faculties in universities. Who could develop success in literature through its candidates.


5.3- Literature campaigns can work best on cultivating public’s interest , who need some confidence. So such campaigns can reach their goals easily.


5.4- Taking the right back up of media in the regard of literature development is crucial, which can enrich the intended goals. So much as a happy future of literature does seem possible. And skilled faculties can be established in different universities to promote literature to the fullest after the due encouragement through media.



Suggestions Measures To Flourish Literature In Our Lives.


6.1- Comparison between domestic literature and well-known foreign literature is compulsory. Where the successful values are adopted and the ill vices are condemned.


6.2- Compatible get-together of different poets, different prose writers in conventions, analytical seminars are needed to add the seeds of varietry to a domestic literature in order to flourish it.


6.3- Literature does orient the nature of life as much as it can. Human experiences through daily life style can add new ways of improvement to literature, if they are added to flourish it.


6.4- Talented aspirants of literature must be set to the goal of becoming ideals for others. Where such ideals can focus better and can serve their best to flourish literature by being always passionate and dedicated to this goal.





Any nation on the earth, if wants to have history on the earth must have literature. No nation on the earth can flourish up to the mark unless and untill they are described through literature and identified through literature.


Literature and history of a nation are collateral in existence. History is impossible without literature and literature is incomplete without history. As these can be the antagonists who can describe the history of other nation , not having literature, on their own terms. Plus it is our literature where you can stay safe across your history.


Hence we do really need literature in our lives.


“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts” Winston Churchill


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