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Welcome to this article. In this article, you will find Strategies and Tips for Preparation of CSS PMS Current Affairs Paper. You will find the answer about from where we can prepare Current affairs topics for the CSS PMS exam.

In CSS, it’s not important what to write; it is important what not to write.

Considered to be one of the tricky subjects in CSS, CA paper requires a very simple but smart approach. As we know that in today’s age of information and technology, thousands of scholars and experts write about hundreds of issues, problems, phenomena, and debates at the global, regional, and national levels. So, sometimes, it becomes very difficult to filter irrelevant and extra information. One has to be very specific and smart to select the best possible and genuine material and data. It requires smart work and expertise.

In this regard, aspirants should know the art of picking the right and correct information for current affairs paper preparation

Let me make it more simple and interesting for you: suppose, FPSC gives you the task to make the Current Affairs for 2022 CSS exam. What will you do? Very simple: you will pick a page and pen, and will sit to think about the important and contemporary issues that the world is facing at the global, regional, and national levels. Definitely, you have to select a few of them and will ask the candidates to write about them. Same is the case with the examiner. He doesn’t create or invent issues or take them from heaven or hell. He just sits and selects a few of the important debates that are in the town. So, after doing such a practice, the aspirants must select 20-25 important and contemporary issues and must prepare them from various dimensions.

You must keep in mind that the selection of the topics must be just 1 Month before the final examination in order to prepare for Current affairs. The reason is that issues don’t remain relevant for months. Today’s issues might not be significant for tomorrow. So, that’s why aspirants must select topics a month before the papers.

From Where to get the right, relevant and correct information for Current Affairs Paper Preparation?

1. For global issues :

A. Foreign Affairs Magazine
B. Foreign Policy
C. Al-Jazeera
D. The Diplomat
E. South Asian Voices
F. Jahangir World times

2. For Regional and National Issues current affairs preparation

A. Strategic Vision Institute SVI
B. Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad.
D. Dawn
E. The Express Tribune
F. PDF research papers.

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