Kips CSS Mock test Paper Pakistan Affairs pdf

Kips CSS Mock test Paper Pakistan Affairs pdf

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Kips CSS Academy Mock test Paper  of Pakistan Affairs in pdf free

                 PART II (SUBJECTIVE)

1) What are the intrinsic causes of the prevailing economic crisis of Pakistan? Highlight the ventures
Pakistan could explore to come out of it.
2) Political culture of Pakistan needs democratic reforms. Elaborate in the context of recent political
developments in Pakistan.
3) How can SCO be ‘one solution to all problems for Pakistan. Explain in the context of changing
regional dynamics of South Asia.
4) The world in the current scenario is halted in pandemic which has badly exposed the global health
infrastructure. Critically analyze Pakistan’s response to COVID-19 and whether it is adequate to
prevent an outbreak or not. Also suggest practical measures to improve it.
5) ‘The road to peace in South-Asia leads through Kabul.’ Critically analyze the above statement,
keeping in view the US-Afghan-Taliban peace process. Also, evaluate the role of Pakistan in
making the region peaceful and secure.
6) Under the umbrella of strategic balancing of South-Asia and changing regional dynamics, the
relations between Pakistan and Iran are better than before. Critically analyze this statement.
7) Briefly entail the genuine reasons that paved the way for Muslims of subcontinent to demand a
separate homeland. Also evaluate that how these factors crafted the ideology of Pakistan.



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