Islamiat Mcqs Test

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The largest Surah of the Quran is.?

The heads of Zakat are:

Jabal-e-Noor is situated in::

Zou-Shadatain is the title of Hazrat: .

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) belonged to __________ family.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had __________ daughters.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had __________ sons.

In the beginning Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) worked as a shepherd for __________?

Namaz-e-Istisqa" is prayer for

Who is called "saqi zam zam"

What is the number of Ramzan in the Islamic Calender

Give the name, who compiled first work of Hadith "Sahifa-e-Sadiqa."

Who advised Abu Bakr (R.A) to compile the Quran

Hajj is not completed unless you go to

The foundation of Bait Ul-Hikmah was laid down during

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