why students fail in css exam

Why Students Fail in CSS Exam

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Top Reasons Why Students Fail In CSS Examination?

In this article, we will discuss some major factors that will answer of the question, Why students fail in CSS exam.

  • Academic Vs CSS Exams

CSS Exam is not an ordinary exam. Students consider CSS Exam as an academic exam. The academic Exam is a totally different exam from CSS Exam. The Examiner of CSS always looks for the critical and analytical approach of the students.
Students do selective study and skip some of the topics during their CSS preparation. A CSS Aspirant should be very truthful about his hard work. He should study for knowledge building, not for target achieving. This is the first reason that why students fail in CSS Exam.

  • Students Set Days for CSS.

Most aspirants ask about, How many Months are Required For CSS preparation. This is totally a nonsense question. CSS Preparation is an evolutionary process, which is not a game of months or days. CSS totally depends on the knowledge you gain with the passage of time.
If a student starts studying for CSS and he covers the syllabus within 6 months, he won’t be able to represent his idea effectively. Similarly, too much study is not digestible due to which a student cant make his opinion.

  • Always in search of shortcuts.CSS Shortcu

There is no shortcut in life. Every goal is achieved with hard work and proper strategy. Different students search for short notes and local books that lead to students failure in the CSS exam. They always in search of short notes and books to cover their syllabus within few months. CSS examiner needs a critical and analytical thinker that is only possible through studying from various good sources. A single book can’t help you in a single subject. A student must read various books for different topics.

  • Relevant Vs Irrelevant study:

One of the biggest myth in CSS exam that a student have to read lots of books. Reading books is good but if someone reads irrelevant books that are not included in the FPSC CSS syllabus, it won’t help the student.
Furthermore, some students read lots of books but they do not write or note down during their reading. The passive study is also one of the main reasons that a student doesn’t remember those things that he had studied during his preparation. For this reason, a person should write down important points when he studies during the course of time.

  • Improper Guideline:

A student loses his creativity when a teacher forces his ideas on the student. In such a case the student finds it hard to write effectively and represent his opinion effectively.

  • Subject Selection:

CSS is a game of nerve control. When a person chooses something that is not according to his taste he suffers a lot from various stresses. During his studies, he gets exhausted and loses his nerve control. In such a scenario, a CSS aspirant should always choose those subjects that he has already studied during his studies.
Scoring and non-scoring subjects are just myths. Examiner always checks the vocabulary of your subject that how much grip you have in a particular subject. Wrong subject selection is also a reason due to which why students fail in CSS Exam.


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