Noa magazine january 2024 pdf free download

NOA magazine 2024 Feb-May pdf free download

NOA world current affairs magazine pdf download

Download New latest world current affairs quarterly journal/magazine BY NOA academy for CSS PMS 2024 latest edition. This edition was published on February 2024 which covers good topics on national and international relation of Pakistan USA and other countries.

This Book contains following major topic for CSS PMS current affairs subject:


  • Editorial – Tragedy that was PREDICTABLE
  • Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  • Escalating Tragedy: The Ongoing Bon Voyage – The Journey Continues…
  • A Word from Editor’s Pen
  • BRICS Summit 2023 Aspirations & Frustrations
  • Decoding G20 Summit 2023 Myths & Realities
  • IMEC vs. BRI
  • Unveiling the Geoeconomic Chessboard
  • Indian Nationalist Internationalism Deconstructing Indian Realpolitik
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  • The Palestinian Conflict A Story of Western Double Standards
  • The Palestinian Conundrum Demystifying Israel-Hamas Conflict
  • International Law & Israel-Palestine Conflict
  • US Veto to Gaza Ceasefire Bid Fuels
  • Repatriation of Afghan Refugees Rising Tension & Historical Precedents
  • Indian Supreme Court’s Controversial Decision Article 370 & 35A & Future of Kashmir Dispute
  • Unravelling the Intricacies of Indian State-Sponsored Terrorism vis-a-vis Hardeep Singh Killing Incident
  • Paving the Path for Pakistan’s Space Aspirations A Response to Chandryan-3
  • The U.S. Debt Ceiling Navigating History Controversies & Economic Consequences
  • Navigating Pakistan’s Economic Crossroads Challenges, Strategies & Path to Recovery
  • COP-28
  • A Crucial Crossroads for Climate Action and Pakistan’s Role
  • Understanding Artificial Intelligence Case of Prompt Adoption
  • Case of Pakistan
  • Youth Bulge & Brain Drain
  • Sharing SUCCESS Mr. Momin Aziz Qureshi (45th-CTP-FSP-CSS 2016)




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