NOA Current affairs magazine 2024 free download volume 2

NOA Latest Current Affairs Magazine 2024 issue 2 Download PDF

Contemporary World Current Affairs Magazine Journal

NOA Latest Current Affairs Quarterly Magazine 2024 issue 2  available to Download PDF free from our website. This magazine is helpful for CSS PMS FPSC PPSC aspirants to prepare worlds contemporary issues. this magazine covers the following new hot international and national topics.

  • 1 Sharing SUCCESS Mr. Adil Riaz Gondal (Topper CSS 2023)
  • 5 Mob Justice Case of Pakistani Society
  • 8 What does a leaderless world look like And who then runs the world
  • 15 Chips & Artificial Intelligence A Journey From Uni Polar To Techno Polar World
  • In the Dock: South Africa vs. Israel A Landmark Case at the ICJ
  • 23 Decoding Crisis Many Dimensions of Israel’s War on Gaza
  • 2 Bridging Borders: President Raisi’s Visit Iran-Pakistan Relations
  • 36 Demystifying Iran-Israel Conflict Chronological Analysis of the Rivalry
  • Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline & Diplomatic Crossroa Unravelling the Distortions
  • Iran’s Unprovoked Attack & Pakistan’s Swift Respons
  • A H 24our Diplomatic Dance
  • Indian Supreme Court’s Verdict on Article 370 Abrogatiom
  • Unravelling the Legality
  • Decoding India’s 2024 Lok Sabha Elections
  • Dual Narrative of Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy Agendas
  • US-China Tech War
  • Blueprint of Future of Great Game
  • Harmonious Dissonance
  • Biden-Xi Phone Call Sparks Hope Amidst Discord
  • Economic Landscape of Pakistan Challenges, Strategies & Path to Recovery
  • Catalyzing Change
  • Assessing Climate Leadership at COP28
  • Renewed Wave of Terrorism Strategic Imperatives & Transforming Security Paradigms
  • Sharing SUCCESS
  • Mr. Wahaj Rahim (CSS 2023, 64th in Pakistan, PCS)
  • Sharing SUCCESS
  • Mr. Muhammad Abdullah Raja (CSS 2023,19th in Pakistan, 1st in AJK, PAS)


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