Top 30 Essays By Zahid Ashraf JWT new latest 2024 edition

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Top 30 Essays By Zahid Ashraf JWT

Title: Top 30 Essays
Author: Zahid Ashraf
Publisher: Jahangir World Times
Pages: 296
Edition: 21st
Category: CSS – PMS-English-Essay-Precis
Subject: English Essay


About this Book

Top 30 Essays By Zahid Ashraf JWT 2023 new 21st edition. CSS aspirants are needed to deliver Essays as per certain assumptions for the paper setter which are referenced on top of the exposition question paper. Papers contained in this book assist you with coming up with the assumptions for the inspector to get the most elevated potential imprints. First and foremost, one of his necessities is “work” which implies that you should attempt to uncover and examine the most extreme significant parts of the subject


top 30 ESSAYS By JWT for CSS PMS 22nd Revised Edition

Why This Book?

■Tips to Write Outline

■ Effective Thesis Statement Strategy

■ How to Develop Argument

■ Essay Writing Techniques

■ Helpful for Competitive Exams


for CSS, PMS & all other relevant exams

Zahid Ashraf

Assistant Professor Punjab University


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