NOA Current Affairs Quarterly magazine Issue-2 2023 edition



NOA contemporary Current Affairs Quarterly journal Issue-2 2023 edition.


  1. Role of America in Russia-Ukraine Wat
  2. Saudi-Iran Battle for Dominance
  3. Tran & Saudi Arabia Recent Deal
  4. Growing Influence of China in Middle East
  5. Indo-US Strategic Partnership with Focus on QUAD
  6. Growing Populism in the World Legal Status of Kashmir Post August 5, 2019
  7. The Recent Terrorism Wave in Pakistan
  8. Economic Crisis of Pakistan
  9. Devastating Earthquake in Turkey Nuclear Doctrines of India and Pakistan
  10. Conference on Climate Resilient Pakistan
  11. Delay in Registration of FIR Dilema in Pakistan
  12. Current Developments of Pakistan’s Foreign Policy
  13. Trying Youth in Pakistan’s Criminal Justice System

Importance of current affairs cannot be denied in this period of globalization and neoliberal economic world where the globe is marked by rapid transitions at all levels. Grip on contemporary affairs both at national and international level, forms the backbone of any competitive examination in general and CSS/PMS in particular. This area, without any exaggeration, determines the fate of aspirants in the whole process and its sphere of influence is extended to all subjects. Based on this rationale, National Officers Academy (NOA) took the initiative of launching its own magazine way back in the start of 2016.

This issue of NOA’s Contemporary World marks special significance in our journey towards the pursuit of excellence in the demanding domain of magazine journalism. This handy issue would enable the aspirants to acquire a complete and detailed understanding of the various current events and issues at national, international and organizational level. Furthermore, this issue is immensely useful for other subjects mainly Essay, Pakistan Affairs, International Relations, International Law, General Science & Ability, Governance and Public Policy, Political Science, International Law and many others, to name a few


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