How to prepare css current affairs

How To Prepare Current Affairs For Competitive Exams

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It might be difficult to study for competitive exams, especially when current events are involved. It does, however, play a considerable influence in deciding the rank and selection in numerous competitive tests, making it a crucial component of the preparation process. The term “current affairs” refers to the most recent worldwide news and occurrences. To do well on the exam, it is essential to stay current with current events. Here are some pointers for studying current events in advance of competitive exams.

Read magazines and newspapers:

The best source of knowledge about current events is the newspaper. Make a list of significant occasions, dates, and people by reading Dawn News Papers and other magazines and News papers and making notes as you go. Magazines of NOA JWT IPRI Foreign Affairs, ISSI are the publications offer in-depth coverage of the most recent happenings, which aids in acquiring a wider perspective on the subject.

News channels to watch:

Live coverage of events and news from across the world is available on news networks. Understanding the most recent events and doing a critical analysis of them can be aided by watching news programmes. Additionally, it’s a great approach to develop vocabulary and communication skills.

Social media usage:

The social media sites Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are excellent resources for current affairs news. To stay current on happenings, follow the pages of top news organisations, lawmakers, and government officials. Using social media, you may easily access breaking news and popular subjects.

Join Discussion Forums:

Sign up for online forums or groups that discuss current events. These discussion boards offer a venue for candidates to interact and analyse current events. It is a great technique to develop critical thinking abilities and learn from other people’s viewpoints.

Take Notes:

When studying current events, it is crucial to take notes on significant occasions, dates, and people. Taking notes facilitates rapid topic review and memorization. To better understand complex concepts, mind maps and diagrams can be created.

Complete Mock Exams:

Completing mock exams is a great technique to gauge one’s familiarity with current events. It aids in locating and strengthening weak spots. Mock exams also aid in enhancing time management capabilities and accuracy.

Sources from where you can prepare CSS Current Affairs and Essay paper in a very comprehensive way.

Useful websites for CSS PMS Current Affairs

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Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad
2. ipripak.org
Islamabad Policy Research Institute
3. thesvi.org
Strategic Vision Institute (SVI)
4. https://ndu.edu.pk/publications.php
National Defence University
5. World Times Magazine
6. http://pjia.com.pk
Pakistan Journal of International Affairs
7. https://www.ips.org.pk
Institute of Policy Studies
1. https://carnegieendowment.org
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
2. https://www.cfr.org
Council on Foreign Relations
3. https://www.economist.com
The Economist
4. https://www.foreignaffairs.com
Foreign Affairs
5. https://www.aljazeera.com
Al Jazeera

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