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Public Administration Book By NOA PDF Download Free 2024

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CSS Optional Subject Public Administration Book PDF

CSS Optional subject book, ‘Government and Public Administration in Pakistan’ is available to download in pdf free in Pakistan that has been written keeping in view the need of the students who aspire for the CSS or PMS exams. Students find public administration quite relevant and easily manageable optional subject but finding a suitable and updated book on the subject becomes a daunting task for them. They often ask for the book that covers all the topics of the CSS/PMS exams. It is quite difficult to recommend such a book. Even the same dilemma was faced by the author when he himself was preparing for the CSS exam and it was almost impossible to find a book that could singlehandedly cover all the topics of Public Administration. This turned into a motive for the author to write this book.

Why this Book.

The book, therefore, has been written with this aim in mind that students would be able to find a single comprehensive book for the preparation of CSS/PMS exams and subsequent application of its theory into practice since the book combines theory and practice of public administration and provides a detailed elaboration of administrative systems, structures, and operations of the State and Government of Pakistan. Besides covering traditional topics of public administration, the author has also included latest trends, developments and concepts of management and governance both at national and global levels. The book is written in such a way as to make it comprehensible for those readers who even have little background of public administration.

Since the CSS syllabus was revised in 2016, various new topics have been included in the Public Administration. The book provides an insight into latest topics such as public management techniques, conflict management, stress management, and diversity management. Also, a special emphasis has been given to the governance and civil services reforms in Pakistan and a critical analysis is offered for restructuring and reforming the Public Corporations and State Owned Enterprises (SEZs) with a focus on privatization as an effective policy tool for Pakistan to get rid of sick industrial units. In addition, the e-government initiatives and automation reforms have also been accorded adequate importance.

The author welcomes suggestions for improvement and will appreciate any criticism that would contribute to improve the quality of the book.