Winning Essays By Mureed Hussain 2024 6th edition


best and most selling book for CSS PMS English essay 6th edition of “Winning Essays” by Mureed Hussain Jasra is available now! Elevate your CSS PMS English essay preparation to new heights. Dive into crucial topics like Floods in Pakistan, Disaster Management, Regime Change Theory, Online Education, and Economic Crisis. Order online now for a winning advantage! 📚💡


About this book.

Mr. Mureed Hussain Jasra, a Civil Servant with a diverse background, served in significant positions in the Federal Secretariat and autonomous bodies before joining the Civil Service of Pakistan. His current acclaim stems from his success as a prominent CSS coaching teacher and mentor, guiding many aspirants to success in competitive exams. Passionate about teaching, he founded the Civil Services Preparatory School and holds a Masters in English Literature, while also enjoying debates on history, culture, literature, and governance.


6th addition of Winning Essays by Mureed Hussain Jasra for CSS PMS English essay preparation buy online.

it includes most expected topics;

1. Floods in Pakistan

2. Disaster Management

3. Regime Change Theory

4. Online education

5. Economic Crisis: Issues and Remedies


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