ISLAMIC STUDIES (English) Hafiz Karim Dad Chughtai 2024 edition

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Islamiat by hafiz karim dad for CSS PMS Buy Online.

ISLAMIC STUDIES (English) Hafiz Karim Dad Chughtai 2024 edition

This edition is Revised and Improved.

For CSS, PMS (Punjab & KPK), PCS (Sindh & Balochistan), CCE (Gilgit-Baltistan) & All Other Relevant Examinations.

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PREFACE TO 2024 EDITION of Islamic Studies By hafiz karim dad CSS PMS

The revised edition of ISLAMIC STUDIES came to market in May 2018. The aspirants and readers supplied with their detailed feedback and appreciated the overall quality of the book. In the revised and improved edition, the contents of the book were totally reviewed and updated both qualitatively and quantitatively. In this edition, another thorough proof reading has been done and the syntax and semantics have been further revised and made in line with the requirements of the specific Islamic terminologies. The Quranic references have been again cross checked. A number of aspirants especially Irfanullah from Swat pointed out the areas where proof reading was required which has been very helpful for us for which we stand thankful to him.

A few topics have been modified and presentation has been made better. In Chapter 3, the topic “Rights of Non-Muslims in Islamic State” has been greatly improved. The dates and historical data have been updated where required.

We are thankful to all the aspirants, students, readers and well-wishers for their constant feedback and appreciation.

We are also grateful to the aspirants and students for very encouraging feedback on our other books including Urdu version of this book,” ISLAMIAT” and ENGLISH (GRAMMAR & COMPOSITION) for CSS, PMS, PCS etc. We also hope that our new project GENERAL SCIENCE & ABILITY (GSA) will also be very helpful for the aspirants in their competitive



ALL IN ONE PACKAGE for Various Combined Competitive Examinations (CCES)

Adequately Covers Syllabi of CSS, PMS, PCS etc.

Thoroughly Revised and Qualitatively Improved

◆ All Topics Contain Outlines, Well-researched Material & Critical Analysis

Past Papers of CSS/PMS/PCS etc. Effectively Covered


  • Introduction to Islam
  • Study of Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
  • Human Rights & Status of Women in Islam
  • Islamic Civilization & Culture
  • Islam and World  Public Administration and Governance in Islam
  • Islamic Code of Life
  • Last 10 Surahs of Holy Quran with Translation
  • Past Papers: CSS, CCE GB (FPSC), PMS (PPSC & KPPSC), PCS (SPSC & BPSC)


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