Exploring Pakistan By Saeed Ahmed Butt 2024 New 8th Edition


Title: Exploring Pakistan

Author: Saeed Ahmed Butt
Edition: 4th(New)
Pages: 686
Publisher: Ahad Publishers
Subject: CSS/ PMS Pakistan Affairs

Exploring Pakistan By Saeed Ahmed Butt 4th Edition Ahad Publisher

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“this is a humble compiled attempt for aspirants of T CSS/PMS and other competitive Examinations. This book also fulfills needs of students who want to consult a book about History of Pakistan, Freedom Movement etc. at Graduation level and at Masters Level. Encouraged by overwhelming response to the book, Rethinking Pakistan Affairs, I have ventured to bring out 7th revised edition of this book entitled Exploring Pakistan. This book provides a path to students, who remain worried about choosing a comprehensive book in which all basic requirements of Pakistan Affairs have been described. For this edition, I remained busy to collect and compile material for this book after change of syllabus in CSS examinations. During the compilation of this book, I took great help from notes and lectures of my greatest mentor and beloved teacher, Dr. Ifran Waheed Usmani, GC University Lahore. I have divided this book into various parts, having outlines with their explanations, which is the easiest way to understand the historical phenomenon. In this edition, I have added more new relevant topics with outlines, quotations and references from recommended books, which will give a great help to students for getting good marks in the paper.

I am especially thankful to my respected teachers particularly Professor Iqbal Chawla Sahib, Dr. Farhat Mehmud, Syed Masood Raza Rizvi (Late), Sher Muhammad Garewal (Late), Prof. Imran Bashir for making me able to understand basic and analytical concepts of History. I am grateful to my friends, who gave me their precious time to compile this manuscript. I am also thankful to my friend, Faizan Shuja Butt, Advocate Supreme Court and Ahtisham Jan Butt, a well-known CSS mentor, who gave me useful suggestions in manuscript. I owe special thanks to my brothers; Awais Butt, Asif Butt, Atif Butt, Kashif Butt (Advocate High Court), Dr. Nauman Butt. Above all, I am thankful to Allah who, in His undoubted grace and mercy, sustained me in completing this compiled work.

Dr. Saeed Ahmed Butt



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