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Which country became the world’s first country to provide free period products to women?
A. Scotland✅
B. Argentina
C. France
D. Spain

The British Indian government announced the partition of Bengal in 1905 because of;
A. Muslim’s demand
B. Hindu’s demand
C. Administrative requirements✅
D. Financial constraints.

Long walk to freedom” is the Autobiography of ?
Quaid E Azam
Nelson Mandela✅
Christopher Columbus
None of this.

Who is the Current Minister of Forest, Wildlife, and Environment Department in Gilgit-Baltistan?
A. Rahat Jamali
B. Sarfaraz Ahmed Bugti
C. Mr. Imran Wakeel✅
D. Haji Ghulam Dastagir Badeni

National Animal Of Countries

★ Pakistan
= Markhor

★ India
= Bengal Tiger

★ China
= Giant Panda

★ Cambodia
= Kouprey

★ Egypt
= Steppe Eagle

★ Ethiopia
= Lion

★ Finland
= Brown Bear

★ France
= Gallic Rooster

★ Australia
= Red Kangaroo

★ Austria
= Black Eagle

★ Azerbaijan
= Karabakh Horse