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Current Affairs Made Easy Book By M Akram Bhutto 2024 edition PDF

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Analysis of the five major issues facing Pakistan in 2023, critically analyze the interconnectedness and impact of these challenges.

Q. 2. Discuss how the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can be rescued in the context of the current global challenges. How can Pakistan contribute to this global agenda?

Q. 3. Analyze the ongoing climate crisis and its implications for South Asia, particularly Pakistan. What measures should Pakistan adopt for climate change adaptation and mitigation?

Q. 4. Evaluate the increasing levels of humanitarian need driven by conflict and disaster worldwide. Discuss Pakistan’s role in international humanitarian assistance and its capacity to deal with domestic humanitarian crises.

Q.5. How can more inclusive systems for international cooperation be built to tackle global issues? Discuss in light of recent geopolitical shifts and the role of regional organizations like SAARC and ASEAN.

Q.6. Discuss the ongoing war in Ukraine and its potential geopolitical and economic impacts on Pakistan.

Q. 7. Examine the economic turmoil resulting from COVID-19 and the escalating inflation worldwide. How has this impacted Pakistan’s economy and what are the strategies for recovery?

Q.8. With the increasing threats of climate change, discuss Pakistan’s vulnerability and the strategies it should adopt to build resilience and reduce its carbon footprint.

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